How NORM works

NORM is designed to be a simple daily companion to enable people living with Heart Failure to get on with living their lives at home, and reduce the need for hospital visits.

NORM has three components.

The first is a sensor that is placed in the large vein near your heart called the IVC to monitor your fluid levels.

The second is a belt you wear for a few minutes a day.

The third, is an app on your phone, and a corresponding app/portal on the system of your medical team.

It's a quick procedure.

The sensor is implanted into the IVC in a simple same day procedure.

Just a few minutes every day.

You then wear the belt for a few minutes every day. The belt receives the sensor measurements and sends them to the cloud where they are analyzed.

Connected via your app.

You can then use your app to check your status and receive direction from your care team.

Your medical team connected too.

Simultaneously the data is sent to your medical team, allowing them to assess your condition.

Back to your normal.

After that it's just about getting back to the life you love. In short, back to your normal.

Clinical trials.

NORM has been developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading cardiologists.

We are currently conducting clinical trials of our system with leading institutions involved in heart failure research.