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Welcome to a new norm in heart failure.

Your extraordinary normal back.

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Until you get heart failure, it can be easy to forget how extraordinary normal life is.

Suddenly fatigue and breathlessness can rob you of what makes life special.

NORM is a new approach to heart failure management.

It can help you get your extraordinary normal back.

Your normal.

When you’re diagnosed with Heart Failure, it can feel like normal life is over.

Suddenly all the normal things that make life special, from family to travel to hobbies, can seem past.

NORM aims to change that. To give HF patients their extraordinary normal back.

Your independence.

NORM is a revolutionary new medical device that lets you monitor your heart at home.

It involves a simple same day implant, wearing a belt for a few minutes a day, and your phone.

It allows you to track your heart status daily anywhere.

Your doctor.

Just because NORM allows monitoring from home doesn’t mean your doctor is absent.

Just like you, your medical team will receive your daily readings, and be alerted if anything looks problematic.

So you have both independence and reassurance.

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Your normal. Back.