A new approach to Heart Failure.

The NORM system is a new way of managing HF by directly measuring fluid volume in the IVC.

Inferior Vena Cava

The management of fluid volume is a critical challenge in managing heart failure patients. The size of the IVC offers a unique perspective into fluid accumulation as it is known to undergo large changes in dimension with minimal changes in pressure.

In euvolemia condition the cross sectional area of the IVC expands and contracts over the respiratory cycle.

When a patient accumulates fluid, the area of the IVC progressively increases and the variation of the IVC cross sectional area over the respiratory cycle progressively reduces.

These changes in the IVC have been found to represent more sensitive measures than pressure for detecting underlying changes in intravascular volume and tone.

Ivey‐Miranda, Juan B., et al. "Changes in inferior vena cava area represent a more sensitive metric than changes in filling pressures during experimental manipulation of intravascular volume and tone." European journal of heart failure 24.3 (2022): 455-462.

The NORM Sensor

The NORM Sensor is implanted into the IVC in a simple same day procedure performed in a cardiac catheterization lab.

Once deployed the sensor’s flexible frame expands and contracts with the IVC. When the sensor is activated by the belt, it transmits a signal that corresponds to the cross sectional area of the IVC.

The Connection

To monitor their condition the patient puts on the NORM Belt for a few minutes once a day. The belt activates the sensor which measures and records the expansions and contractions of their IVC.

The wireless belt then sends the sensor data to the cloud. The NORM System’s algorithms then process the data to generate information on the patient’s IVC. These algorithms monitor the patient’s condition and identify when the care team need to get involved. This information can then be accessed via patient and clinician apps.

The NORM System facilitates physician direction of patient self-management regimes via the NORM Patient App.

The Outcome.

We believe outcomes for heart failure patients are better when they're more involved in their own care.

We empower patients by giving them a primary role in their own care and access to their own data.

The NORM system also helps the care team by directing their attention to those patients who need intervention.