The Future of Heart Failure Management


Introducing the future of heart failure management. Our implant provides unique data to help clinicians manage heart failure and improve patient outcomes.

“I live very far from the heart failure unit so being able to be monitored remotely brings me a lot of comfort and peace. At first I couldn’t believe that my doctor could see how I was doing, but thanks to FIRE1 for making this possible”

FIRE1 clinical trial participant

Clinical Trials

First in Human Clinical Investigation of the FIRE1 System in Heart Failure Patients (FUTURE-HF) now enrolling.

Enrolment in phase 1 – complete in July 2022


Enrolment in phase 2 – ongoing

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“I’m happy I can participate and be one of the first people implanted, knowing I’m helping other people in the future”

FIRE1 trial participant

“I have been using FIRE1 system for a number of months. IVC gives some unique insights.We have used data for the decision of adjustment of guidelines directed medical therapy. We are excited by the potential of FIRE1 system for congestion control, prevention of decompensation and maintainance of euvolemic status in chronic heart failure patients.”

Prof, Filip Malek, Na Homolce Hospital, Prague, Czechia

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